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wordoftheday.png first created their Word of the Day content product back in 1999. In 2014 I worked with the product and design teams to revamp the product. I updated the content model to make it friendlier to a wide range of devices, and we introduced a visual version to distribute it across iPhone and Android apps and on social.

At the beginning of the project, the content was distributed to 1.2M users every day, and after our work it reached 19M daily users and increased DAUs in the app.

YouTube Launch and Video Strategy

We knew that video was the future of product reviews and wanted to test into video in the noisy parenting category.

Staying true to the Babylist brand and community, we recruited real parents to shoot product video reviews in their homes and professionally edited them. This hybrid video development strategy reflected our vibrant parent community, enabled us to quickly develop a large slate of unique video content, and managed costs.

In the first year, we developed 120 videos, grew our subscriber base to more than 50K, and had +300K monthly video views. Redesign


In 2014, I led the redesign of, the first substantial update to the thesaurus since Roget's in 1852. Working with a computational linguist, we developed proprietary filters for relevance and complexity that redefined the category. We used our own search data to add hundreds of new, modern words to the thesaurus, like synonyms for "stakeholder."

Print Registry Guide

I developed an 84-page guide to building your baby registry. As the Editor-in-Chief, I led the creative and editorial strategy for the entire publication, sourcing images, running the photo shoots, and setting the vision for the copy. This was distributed to 180,000 families in 2018 and 2019.

Personalized Email Series

At Babylist we had a healthy weekly newsletter that reached 500K pregnancy and parent subscribers every week.

I developed our week-by-week pregnancy series to better serve these expecting users. An entire pregnancy is a lot of content, so I developed the strategy to test into the content product.

I started with a survey to determine what users were looking for in a pregnancy email, and then wrote four weeks of the series. We ran an A/B/C test of these users (users who did not receive any email, users who received a long-form version, and users who received a short-form version). The test measured:

  • Engagement (Open Rate)

  • Conversion to Registry

  • Virality (Forward to a Friend)

  • Quality (NPS Survey)

Was it successful? Yes!

  • OR lift: 20% to 28.1%

  • Conversion to Registry lift: 8% to 10%

  • Users loved it in the survey

Within a year, this series reached more than 400K MAU and grew into the first year of parenting, and it became an advertising vehicle with sponsored spots as well.

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